How to use your PiRO

Placement of the PiRO in the kamado barbecue

  • Make sure the barbecue is stable in a safe place.
  • Remove accessories from the kamado barbecue that would prevent the PiRO from being placed stably in the barbecue.
  • Place the PiRO in the barbecue and carefully close the barbecue to make sure no damage can occur.
  • Make sure the hinge of the barbecue is adjusted correctly so that the PiRO and the barbecue fit together properly.

Preparing for Rotisserie

  • Light the coals in the barbecue and bring to the desired temperature.
  • Thread the products on the spit and secure the spit forks securely.
  • Place the PiRO in the kamado barbecue.
  • Attach the spit motor to the PiRO.
  • Place the spit in the PiRO.

Preparing for Pizza

  • Place the PiRO in the kamado barbecue as described above.
  • Light the coals in the barbecue and heat the barbecue to appoximately 200 degrees celcius.
  • Place a heat shield (Conveggtor© or heat deflector) above the coals and place the PiRO with the pizzastone in the kamado barbecue.
  • Close the topvent en use the PiRO window to regulate airflow and temperature.
  • Keep the topvent closed at all time to create the desired heatflow for baking pizzas.
  • Bring the barbecue to the desired temperature en start baking your pizzas.

Removal of the PiRO from the kamado barbecue

  • Do not remove the PiRO until it has cooled completely.
  • First remove (if using) the spit motor, pizza stone, heat shield and/or barbecue grill.
  • Loosen the knurled screw and remove the handle from the PiRO.
  • From the inside, rotate the window upward and remove it from the PiRO. If, while turning, the locking pawl clicks into the axle hole, push the pawl in and remove the window.
  • Clean the window manually or in the dishwasher. Remove any grease or deposits from the PiRO with a cleaning agent/degreaser.
  • Replace the window by first inserting the shaft of the left hand mounting block, then pushing in the small pin of the right hand mounting block and repositioning the window.
  • Replace the handle and retighten the knurled screw.
  • The PiRO can now be removed from the kamado barbecue and stored.