Safety and user instructions

Warnings and safety instructions

  • The PiRO is for use in a kamado barbecue. Always follow the safety instructions of your kamado barbecue and before using the PiRO make sure the kamado barbecue is stable.
  • Do not use the PiRO for anything other than its intended use.
  • Use the PiRO out of reach of children and pets.
  • Accessories not supplied by PiRO BBQ are not recommended and may cause damage and/or injury.
  • Prevent excessive deposits of grease and grime on the PiRO by cleaning it after use according to the operating instructions.
  • The PiRO becomes very hot during use and may cause burns. Do not touch hot surfaces.
  • The temperature inside the barbecue and PiRO ("the cooking area") is hot during use.
  • To prevent burns, keep the face and body away from the access to the cooking area when opening the glass window.
  • The coating of the cast aluminum ring and mounting blocks may discolor when exposed to high temperatures. This does not affect the operation of the PiRO.
  • Do not expose the PiRO to temperatures above 400 °Celcius / 750 °Fahrenheit.
  • Place or remove the PiRO in or from the kamado grill when the grill and PiRO have cooled completely. Do not leave a hot PiRO unattended.
  • The glass window is resistant to large thermal shocks. The glass window - whether heated or cooled - may break under point loads or if dropped.
  • To prevent breakage of the glass window:
  • When using the PiRO as a rotisserie, ensure that the power cable of the spit motor is connected to a grounded outlet and does not come into contact with hot surfaces.
  • Prevent persons, animals or objects from tripping or snagging on the power cable when using the spit motor.