About us

PiRO bbq was founded in 2021 by Maarten de Wilde and was born out of a passion for outdoor cooking. I (Maarten) had purchased for my kamado an accessory to bake pizza and a rotisserie spit. Both accessories were not working optimally. There was room for improvement and I set to work with the following ambitions:

  • One accessory for multiple functions.
  • Being able to see what is happening in the kamado without losing heat.
  • Apple quality. Beautiful design and robust execution.
  • Locally produced as much as possible.

After two years of development there was a working prototype. A patent was applied for and when it was granted, the first series was produced. The hobby that got out of hand became a business: PiRO bbq.

Maarten de Wilde

Company information:

PiRO bbq
Frees 2


Phone +31 (0)6 3825 4914

Chamber of commerce Amsterdam: 82216967

VAT number: NL862379866B01