Discover the versatility of the Pizza -Rotisserie

If you love pizza as well as juicy chicken from the spit, the PiRO is the best of both worlds.  Whether you fancy flatbread with spit-roasted shoarma and a beer with friends, an afternoon of pizza baking with the kids or spit-roasted turkey at Christmas, the possibilities are endless. Meet the PiRO and transform your kamado into a versatile cooking machine.

From kamado to traditional pizza oven

The PiRO pizza stone is specially designed to mimic the unique baking conditions of a traditional pizza oven. The thick, heavy stone retains heat perfectly, giving you pizzas with that characteristic airy and crispy base. And with the handy glass window, you don't have to open the lid to check if your pizza is ready yet, keeping the temperature constant and ensuring your pizza cooks perfectly. PiRO brings the taste of Italy to your backyard!

  • Ultimate temperature control without heat loss
  • Traditional pizza ovenxperience with airy, crispy pizzas
  • Easy to use and maintain

The art of spit-roasting

The PiRO not only guarantees the tastiest pizzas from your kamado, but turns your kamado into a rotisserie in no time.

Spit-roasting is a technique as old as time itself, but remains unprecedentedly popular. Why? Because the results are second to none. The even distribution of heat ensures that your chicken, picanha, or rib rack is perfectly cooked, with a deliciously crispy coating on the outside. To get that delicious grilling flavour to smaller vegetables or chicken wings, for example, you can further expand the PiRO with a grill basket or grill carousel. And the glass window lets you keep a perfect eye on how things are going.

Choose quality and versatility

The PiRO is not just another accessory; it is the key to a new world of flavours and dishes. This robust, patented product is not only an asset to your kamado, but also to your entire outdoor kitchen.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Dutch quality product: Designed, tested and made in the Netherlands by enthusiasts. Barbecue fanatics who know how to make the tastiest dishes outdoors.
  • Easy to use: The glass window can be (dis)assembled without tools and is dishwasher-safe. By cleaning the window with a degreaser after use, you keep it perfectly clean.
  • Space-saving: One accessory for several functions, which saves you having to buy several separate accessories and saves space and money.

Turn your garden into a culinary paradise

Whether you are an experienced griller or just starting to discover the benefits of a kamado, the PiRO helps you experiment, learn and, above all, enjoy cooking outdoors. Bring your family and friends together around the warmth of your kamado and become the pizza baker everyone envies. So light your kamado, let the magic of the PiRO do its work and let the great enjoyment begin!